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REVIEW: "FARSALI ROSE GOLD ELIXIR " (Radiating Moisturizer)


Hello everyone,

Today i am going to talk about the most raved beauty product "FARSALI ROSE GOLD ELIXIR FACE OIL".This small white bottle is all over instagram , i saw a lot of beauty bloggers using the Farsali Rose Gold Elixir oil as a pre makeup step which is quite interesting to see oil as a primer ,even they are using one product in so many ways which is quite appealing to me i am a big fan of multi-functional products so i have to give this a shot.So,here is my experience with "Farsali Rose Gold Elixir".

                                                              24kt Gold Flake infused

Brand Information:-"Farsali" was created by top beauty blogger/youtuber Farah Dhukai and her husband Sal Ali,as a solution to his wife's beauty needs and named it Farah + Sal Ali (Farsali).

Price:-15ml- $35 (INR.2290)
           30ml- $54 (INR.3532.31)

Shop here -Farsali 

-Rosehip seed oil
-Pumpkin seed oil
-24k Gold
-Lemongrass oil
-Orange peel oil
-Vitamin E

Product Claims:-

Rose Gold Elixer oil is a effective lightweight beauty oil with added anti-aging benefits to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.Ideal for all skin types.Helps in reducing fine lines,hypigmentation,stretch marks.

How i use it :-
Rose Gold Elixer oil is a multifunctional products,which is used as.....
1.A daily moisturizer -I am using this oil every morning and night as a moisturizer, this oil quickly absorbs into the skin without leaving any greasy feeling which is already a win-win from me.

2.Hydrating Primer-Apply 1-2 drops on your face and wait for 1 min after that apply your foundation you will surely see the difference its going to keep your skin hydrated and radiant throughout the day and also gives a glossy finish.Its ideal for all skin types.

3.Mix with foundation-Use 2-3 drop to mix with your favourite foundation to keep your skin hydrated,glowing and gives a dewy look.Company recommends to use it with full coverage foundation.

I got it from their website through one of my friend who stays in Australia.

My experience with this Rose Gold Elixer oil:-

My skin is oily and sensitive,i am using this oil for a while now and so far i am loving it.Coming to the packaging it comes in a white glass bottle with a dropper with brand name and details of the product is mentioned in front and back of the bottle.Before using shake the bottle well and take out the product through the dropper you will see gold flakes in the oil,the gold flakes quickly absorbs into the skin.It has a slight orangy scent to it which i like the most,it contains 24kt gold flakes which is quite luxurious thing to use and also it gives a radiant and subtle glow,It doesn't makes my skin greasy at all and suits my skin type. But so far i didn't see any huge difference on reducing acne spot or hyperpigmentation.  I use this oil as a moisturizer both day and night and to be honest my skin feels hydrated throughout the day with a subtle glow,it acts as a deep skin conditioner my skin is more softer than it use to be,i use 1 drop on my face and massage it gently and then apply my foundation seriously i can see the difference it works magically my makeup looks more natural ,blends smoothly and gives a glowing finish.Next thing is our common problem with the matte liquid lipsticks that they dries up and crumbles after sometime so here is a big solution use this oil on your lips massage it and wait for 1min then go on with your matte liquid lipsticks its going to hydrate your lips without affecting the finish and your lipstick wouldn't look dry at all.It also can be used to revive your dried gel liner,brow pomade,cream concealer or contour but honestly i  am not going to use such an expensive oil to revive any products. A small amount of product is enough for your face so its gonna last long. Its too pricey but worth every penny.This is all i have to say about this oil and this is how i use this oil so i hope you find it helpful.This oil is definitely "Beauty Meets Luxury".

I am happy that i didn't waste my money on this products i would definitely recommened you all to try this.


  • its cruelty-free.
  • great ingredients specially it contains vitamin c,e which are great for your skin.
  • pleasant orangy aroma.(but if you are not a fan of citrus smell you won't like it )
  • 24 gold infusion helps to maintain youthful and beautiful skin.
  • easily absorbed without leaving greasiness.
  • best hydrating primer cum moisturiser and also will makes your skin more softer and nourished.
  • multi-functional product.
  • ideal for all skin types.
  • nut free.


  • expensive.
  • availability is an issue.Not available in India.Shipping TO: USA, CANADA, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND.
  • doesn't works on reducing hyperpigmentation or acne spot.

Would i recommend / repurchase  Farsali Rose Gold Elixir:-

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Friday, 5 August 2016



Hello Beauties,

Today i am super excited to do this very first review on my blog and more excited to do GERARD COSMETICS review.This is my very first purchase from this brand .Gerard Cosmetics Hydra matte liquid lipstick have 20 shades available but the shade i got is 1995 one of the popular shade.


My view- Its very pigmented goes smooth on lips,color shows with one application you dont have to reapply again and again.Its matte,dry very quickly as soon as you apply.This liquid lipstick is little dry but much more hydrating i guess matte lipstick are meant to be dry because of the formula,but its not dry as other liquid lipstick brand.I worn it  many times and to be honest with you i am obsessed,it stays for 3 to 4 hours  and yes it survive meals without fading :).Its so light weight on lips,it goes  with any skintone as it has mauve and rose undertone.Perfect for day time,office wear,college and goes so well with any eyemakeup look.

                                                   SWATCH (ONE STROKE)

Price :-$20(Original)i got it for $15(1000 rupees approx)

Where you can find them-Gerard Cosmetics (Free worldwide shipping)

I got it from la makeup affaire


Pros-1.Well pigmented & Matte
2.Not drying
3.Stays for long hours without fading
4.Goes with all skintone

2.Availability in India

Special Note:-My best advice will be to exfoliate your lips and put a lip balm before applying any matte liquid lipstick.It helps the liquid lipstick to goes smooth on lips.

Overall verdict:-4.5/5 (.5 for the price & availability)

Give this lipstick a try and let me know how you like it.

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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Homemade Face Pack for dark spot,de pigmentation..


                    Homemade Face Pack for dark spot,de pigmentation..

Hello  Beauties,

Today i am going to share with you one of my favourite face pack.I will  do seperate post on my skin problems ,skincare routine soon which i am working on.Actually i can't to share this effective face pack with you all because festival months are knocking at the door and we all need to prep our skin for that extra special festive glow right :).This recipe will definitely help you to get rid of those acne spot,tan and de pigmentation. So Lets begin.....

Ingredients needed:-
2.1tbsp(Wheat flour)
4.Pure rose water(i use 1 1/2 tbsp)

Method:- Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl and make a slight thick paste.

Remove all your makeup and clean your face before applying the pack,then apply the pack all over the face and neck except the eye areas and lip.Keep it till dry and then wash off with normal water.Now you can apply your moisturizer.

Special Note:- I am not a skin expert, i shared this because it help me a lot so want you guys to take benefits from this pack too.Do a patch test on your skin before applying.

  Benefits:-1.Liqourice-Liqourice is very effective, it helps in fading stubborn acne spot,de pigmentation,sun tan ,provide hydration to skin and will make you skin glow.
2.Wheat flour-Another magical grain which helps in exfoliation,nourish your skin,remove sun tan,gives natural glow.
3.Honey-Honey is naturally antibacterial,great for acne,ance spot,moisturizing,hydrating.

Please try this mask and get the ultimate benefits from this .

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Stay Happy,Stay Gorgeous.